Last update: 22/08/2006 

The park that I will describe you, is a park of 16 m2 (4 m X 4 m) to lodge approximately 5000 gastropods  (16 m2 X 300 snails = 4800). By counting the losses, the density rate is respected.
This park is of the "provisional" type i.e. which it will be dismounted when the snails are in hibernation.
It will be provided with a double leak-preventer protection: chemical and mechanical.

The diagram of this park will be as follows:

Schéma du parc
A wood stake 60 cm length (A) will be planted over a 20 cm length. In top of this stake, a batten (10 cm broad will be screwed D) which will be used as support with the chemical fence. Just below, will be fixed on the stake a cleat (C) which will be used as system anti-run-out for the chemical fence. This will be protected from the rain by skirting (E) on which will be fixed a plastic (F) band which will be used as mechanical fence.
The "wall" of the park will consist of a film (B) fixed between the stake (A) and the batten (D).

Here photographs of this snails park construction:

The 4 principal stakes delimit the park. A plasticized string was tended on the circumference, that will be used for alignment of the half-logs.

The shade of the hazel tree at the end of the afternoon is adequate!!!

Stakes in half-logs are aligned along the string and are laid out according to the length of the battens (here, 2 meters).

These half-logs and the battens were treated with lasure, in spite of their first treatment called "autoclave".

Details on alignment: this last must be perfect, if not, the battens will not be aligned.
Temporarily, fix (using nails) the plastic, then to fix the battens on the flat part of the half-logs. The higher field of the battens must come to be aligned on the high part of the half-logs.
General sight of the pen after fixing battens.

Fixing the cleats anti-run-outs under the lower field of the batten then the plastic film burying.

An important detail: screws and bolts must be STAINLESS!!

Pose also lasure treated skirtings. They are fixed on the higher field of the battens and the half-logs.

 Park enclosure general sight.

Pose mangers and tiles.

All the mangers are fixed. Tiles and pallets installation.

Pallets are primarily used to walk in the pen without hearing the famous CRAAAAAAAACK!!
Pose boarding PVC in order to protect the flour from rain water.
The formula used for the chemical fence:

  • 1 kg of grease
  • 500 G of block of soap
  • 150 G detergent ST Marc
  • 150 G of anhydrous sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)

The mixture carried out should resemble about that!

Think of putting the grease a few hours with the sun so that it softens a little.

And here is!!!
Installation of the mechanical fence.

The net of shade will be put if that proves to be necessary. The temperature under the tiles does not exceed 30°C whereas it makes 40°C in the shade!!!

And here is, the loft is ready. 

The loft version 2.0:

It was necessary to add plastic bands to protect the flour from the integrated watering which is made way horizontal.

Moreover, these bands protect food against the wind and the birds.

The boarders are well!